Budite kreativni i napravite aktivan odmor po meri.

Part of adventure that You shouldn't miss out is the food prepared on traditional way. According to your personal preferences, we ask You to give us info about food habits and we will offer you the best from our offerings. If you have special need in terms of food, prices can be changed of the above.
Some of the arrangements last more than 8 hours, and in spite of that it is necessary to go in early hours. As our guests often aren't from around Priboj, there is need of overnight stay before and after the arrangement, so everyone can remain with full energy and be prepared for tomorrow adventure or return to their home. Like a good hosts, considering we don't have enough accommodation capacities in our direction, in agreement with local caterers we secured most favorable price of accommodation.
Choose date and you will get the answer on above e-mail address in as soon as possible
How many members of your group will go
If you have special requests in some of segments of offer or some part is not clear, please write that to us, so we can make it better.